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Beds/ Spray Tan

Low Pressure/ VIP Beds

Enjoy a relaxing 20 minutes in this entry level tanning bed that most salons would consider an upgrade.  These beds have (32) 100 watt lamps with a higher B-ray, designed to accelerate melanin production.

Low Pressure/ Silver Beds

This 15 minute tan is guaranteed to take you to your next tanning level, faster than other low pressure beds.  This bed features (32) 120 watt lamps for a bigger pop of color.

Silver Stand-Up Bed 

The Odyssey Tan 4000 has (40) lamps.  This 15 minute bed is quick and effective, and designed to tan those hard to reach places like the pressure points on your back.

Medium Pressure/Gold Beds

Our Gold Beds are a big step up from all our low pressure tanning.  This bed is big with (38) 160 watt lamps and (3) 500 watt facials.  Gold Beds compared to Silver Beds give more color in less visits and hold your color longer.  This 12 minute tan is fast and effective.  The bed's best feature is that the facial lamps have less than 1% UVB, so there is no burn on your face - only tan!

Gold Stand-Up Bed

Our Southbeach Stand-Up bed is 10 minutes long.  It has a lot more zip than our Odyssey Stand-Up. That is because this bed has 160 watt lamps compared to the 100 watt lamps in the Odyssey.  Even if you prefer to tan in lay down beds, it's nice to jump in a stand-up bed here and there to clean up any areas a lay down bed might miss. 

High Pressure/ Ultrabronz

For the ultimate tanning experience, the Ultrabronz is the only way to go. High Pressure tanning will give you a faster, deeper, longer-lasting tan in just a few short sessions while being very gentle to your skin.  It takes just a couple sessions to establish a base tan and then it's just one or two visits a month to maintain that sun-kissed color.  Think of all the valuable time you will be saving.  The best thing about high pressure tanning is there is less than 1% UVB rays, so you can go the whole time the first time without fear of burning.  Also, it is the very best for your skin!

Spray Tan

Airbrush tanning is a unique approach to a UV free tan.  Professionally applied by our staff, the personal attention ensures uniform coverage of the sunless tanning solution that will transform into a natural golden tan.  Airbrush tanning can create everthing from a lovely facial tan, to dark sexy legs, right up to a full body tan.  It's ideal for a special occasion or any occasion you want to be special.

Our Sunless Spray Experience is the latest advancement in self-tanning technology.  It is the ultimate in even, streak-free coverage that leaves your skin with an unmatched golden bronze tone.  Call to schedule your appointment today at 651-460-2002.  Please keep in mind when scheduling your appointment, that you are not able to shower or swim for at least 8 hours after your session.  The session takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and the spray tan lasts approximately 5 - 7 days.